TECNO, a renowned global technology brand operating in various markets worldwide, has recently unveiled its latest CAMON 20 Series in the Kenyan market. This new series aims to provide users with an exceptional photography experience, particularly in portrait video and night portrait photography, featuring the industry's pioneering CAMON PUZZLE deconstructionist design.

The launch event, held at Nairobi's Trademark Hotel, was a vibrant and lively affair, featuring an electrifying performance by Nyashinski, the Brand Ambassador for the CAMON 20 series and a world-renowned musician.

During the launch, Peter Shi, TECNO Brand Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the CAMON 20 series, stating, "In a world where communication and information are of paramount importance, driven by connectivity, we have strived to create a device that surpasses expectations and redefines the smartphone experience. The CAMON 20 is not just a phone; it serves as a gateway to a new era of possibilities, a companion that seamlessly integrates into every aspect of your life."

The TECNO CAMON 20 Premier 5G boasts remarkable features, including the innovative 5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology and a 50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive sensor, enabling SLR camera-level anti-shake video and high-quality night portrait photography. Additionally, the device incorporates a 108MP Ultra Definition camera, delivering breathtaking wide-angle shots for both photography and video purposes.

Inspired by the deconstructionist genre of postmodern architecture, the CAMON 20 series combines the magic skin with ceramic materials to create the unique CAMON PUZZLE design, ensuring a visually appealing and distinctive appearance.

Moreover, TECNO has been announced as one of the pioneering smartphone manufacturers to introduce the beta release of Google's Android 14. The CAMON 20 series will run on Android 14, offering a range of enhancements and upgrades to elevate the overall user experience. Android 14 focuses on enhancing privacy, security, performance, and user customization, ensuring a more advanced and personalized smartphone experience.

Some of the key improvements brought by Android 14 to the CAMON 20 series include higher privacy levels, longer battery life, and enhanced accessibility options with larger fonts and smarter scaling. These updates aim to enhance security, reduce power consumption, and provide improved accessibility for users.

TECNO's commitment to providing excellent video capabilities is evident in the incorporation of the 5000 Times/s Sensor-Shift OIS Anti-shaking Technology for portrait video. This SLR camera-inspired technology compensates for shakes up to 5,000 times per second, resulting in sharp and vivid images and videos, even when capturing fast-moving scenes. This industry-leading anti-shake solution ensures optimal image quality without compromising on clarity, preserving every detail and allowing for exceptional video recording even in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, the CAMON 20 series introduces the 50MP RGBW Ultra-Sensitive Sensor, a revolutionary technology that enhances night portrait photography. By replacing the traditional RGGB color filter's "green" array solution with a "white" one, the RGBW sensor captures more light. Additionally, the 1G+6P lens system further increases light intake by replacing one plastic lens with a glass lens. These enhancements, coupled with the larger light-sensitive area of the main sensor, ensure that the CAMON 20 Premier 5G captures crystal-clear night portraits with exceptional detail, even in low-light environments.

The CAMON 20 series showcases groundbreaking innovation with its CAMON PUZZLE Deconstructionist Design. Drawing inspiration from the deconstructionist genre of postmodern architecture, TECNO combines the aesthetics of international fashion brands and pioneering designers to create the distinctive CAMON PUZZLE design.