The High Court has taken the decision to suspend the implementation of the Talanta Hela program, an initiative introduced by President William Ruto with the aim of fostering grassroots talent.

The Talanta Hela Council, comprising two technical committees, one for sports and the other for creatives, was established by the President on February 10, 2023, as indicated in Kenya Gazette Notice No. 1649 (Vol. CXXV No. 32).

High Court Judge Lawrence Mugambi, who issued the orders on Monday, has granted the Sports Ministry a 14-day period to rectify any shortcomings and respond to the petition and application, which represents their final opportunity to do so.

"During the pendency of this application interparties, an interim order is hereby issued to suspend the specific publication mentioned in Kenya Gazette Notice 1649 (Vol. CXXV No. 32) dated February 10, 2023, which announces the establishment of the Talanta Hela Council and its Technical Committees, as well as the subsequent appointments for a period of three years," ruled Mugambi.

The court's decision was prompted by a petition filed by Charles Mugane, an advocate of the High Court who also serves as the petitioner. Mugane challenged the appointment of the Creative Technical Committee by the Sports Cabinet Secretary.

Mugane alleges that the appointments were politically motivated and aimed at rewarding close associates while disregarding qualified Kenyan individuals.

"This represents a betrayal of the trust placed upon you by the citizens of Kenya," Mugane conveyed in the petition directed at Namwamba, the Sports Cabinet Secretary.

The petitioner further argues that the appointments were made in violation of Article 10 of the Constitution, which outlines the national values and principles of governance, including public participation, good governance, transparency, and accountability.

Mugane sought for the judge to suspend the implementation of the council and its relevant committees across all 47 counties.

The judge also granted permission for Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy, and Kenya Copyright Board to be included in the case and allowed Mugane to respond to the concerns raised by the new parties.

"Permission is granted for Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy of Sports, and Kenya Copyright Board to be joined as parties," Justice Mugambi ordered.

He further stated, "Permission is granted for the petitioner to file a rejoinder once responses to the petition are filed and served."

The case will be mentioned on June 12, 2023, to provide further directions.