Research PLUS Africa, a well-established research organization committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusivity, has revealed a new collaborative platform designed to empower African researchers and revolutionize the research landscape on the continent.

Named Research SPRING, this dynamic platform will serve as a catalyst for cutting-edge research originating in Africa. Its primary objective is to foster collaboration and co-creation among all African stakeholders, generating impactful research that will shape the future of research and evaluation in Africa.

Operating with a distinctively African-driven agenda, Research SPRING aims to establish a robust local evidence base and curate knowledge products that drive socio-economic growth throughout the continent.

Mokeira Masita, Founder and CEO of Research PLUS Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the introduction of Research SPRING as a collaborative platform for African researchers. The platform's purpose is to encourage collaboration, co-creation, and knowledge exchange among researchers across Africa. The belief is that by bringing together diverse stakeholders and empowering African researchers, significant advancements in research can be achieved, ultimately contributing to socio-economic growth in Africa. The foundations of collaboration and co-creation are pivotal in establishing a strong connection between research and practice in Africa. These principles have a catalytic effect on the adoption of data-driven solutions and interventions, thereby promoting socio-economic development.

As the organization commemorates its 10th anniversary, Research PLUS Africa urges stakeholders and partners in the research community to support the movement for decolonizing research and evaluations.

"Throughout the past decade, Research PLUS has recognized the urgent need to address historical biases, power imbalances, and knowledge gaps resulting from the colonial legacy in research. We acknowledge that decolonization is an ongoing process, and we are committed to continuous learning, unlearning, and taking concrete actions to dismantle colonial structures within the research community. We invite everyone in this field to join us on this journey," emphasized Mokeira Masita, Founder and CEO of Research PLUS Africa.

For over ten years, Research PLUS Africa has played a leading role in promoting equitable, inclusive, and locally-driven research in Africa. The organization firmly believes that research and evaluation processes should reflect the diverse perspectives, cultures, and knowledge systems of the African people.