Old Mutual, the renowned insurance service provider, has announced its plans to enhance the skills and performance of its agents through a comprehensive training program. The objective behind this initiative is to equip Old Mutual agents with a diverse range of skills that will enable them to represent the brand's values and provide exceptional customer service.

During the Old Mutual Inaugural East Africa Regional (EAR) Awards, Arthur Oginga, the CEO of Old Mutual Group, EA, expressed the organization's commitment to training by outlining the various modules that would be covered. These modules will focus on leadership, customers, customer service, sales, and training support, ensuring that agents receive a well-rounded education.

Oginga emphasized the crucial role played by agents in contributing to the company's growth and the industry as a whole. In recognition of their importance, Old Mutual is considering implementing a tier system that enables agents to build a successful career within the company. By staying with Old Mutual and continuously enhancing their skills, agents can progress through the tiers, leading to increased remuneration and professional development opportunities.

To incentivize and acknowledge the outstanding performance of its agents, Old Mutual recently hosted the inaugural EAR Awards. The event recognized top-performing agents who received prestigious trophies, cash prizes, and exciting trips, both locally and internationally.

Japheth Ogallo, the Managing Director of Old Mutual General Insurance, emphasized the critical role agents play in the company's business model as the vital link to valued customers. The awards serve as a means to attract talented agents, retain high-performing individuals, and demonstrate Old Mutual's commitment to recognizing and appreciating exceptional performance within the organization.

During the awards ceremony, 60 agents were honored for their achievements. Winners of the Life Business Award were rewarded with trips to captivating destinations such as Zanzibar, Namibia, and the United States. Similarly, recipients of the General Insurance Awards were granted opportunities to enjoy local, regional, and international travel experiences.

Calvince Onduru, the Acting Group Managing Director of Old Mutual Life, highlighted the significance of the awards in reinforcing the company's commitment to its agents. By showcasing Old Mutual's appreciation for exceptional performance, the awards demonstrate that the company not only provides statutory commissions but also values and invests in the success of its agents. This collaborative and supportive approach aims to foster long-lasting partnerships and mutual growth, ensuring that agents thrive and feel valued within the organization.