Bolt Food, an online delivery platform in Kenya, celebrated local restaurants at the annual Restaurant Awards for the second consecutive year. These awards serve as a platform for Bolt to acknowledge and honor their partner restaurants for their unwavering dedication to quality, exceptional service, and professionalism. Additionally, the awards provide an avenue for Bolt to promote the restaurants on its platform, granting them growth opportunities and the ability to attract a larger customer base.

This year's Restaurant Awards took a different approach compared to the previous year, allowing customers to vote for their favorite local restaurants. The initial selection of eligible restaurants was based on their popularity on the platform, determined by the number of orders and customer feedback received throughout 2022. In the subsequent phase, customers were given the opportunity to cast their votes for their preferred establishments. This voting system aimed to recognize the significance of restaurants within the local community, emphasizing their role in people's everyday lives by facilitating enjoyable shared meals with loved ones and friends.

"The food and beverages industry, including food delivery, has faced numerous challenges over the past three years. After enduring the impact of the pandemic, restaurant owners now confront obstacles such as high energy bills, a cost of living crisis, and rising inflation. Bolt Food has stood by restaurant owners throughout these trying times, equipping them with the necessary tools and solutions to sustain and expand their businesses. The Restaurant Awards serve as our expression of gratitude towards our partners for their unwavering determination, creativity, and for bringing the pleasure of food to people's homes via the Bolt Food app," said Edgar Kitur, Bolt Food Country Manager.

The winners in various categories for this year's awards are as follows:

Loved by Locals: The Big Fish (@thebigfishke on Twitter founded by @osumo_brad0)

Hidden Gem: Afi Pork House

Rising Star: Zucchini Green Grocer

Never Gonna Give You Up: Galito's

Treat Yourself: Cold Stone

Vegetarian: Chowpaty

Best Value for Money: Chicken Inn

Early Bird: Java House

The King of KE Cuisine: Kilimanjaro

Lunchtime Fave: Fogo Gaucho Kilimani

"We are sincerely grateful to our clients for voting The Big Fish restaurant as their favorite. Their support enables our growth and provides us with the means to overcome industry challenges. Bolt Food has proven to be an exceptional partner, aiding us in showcasing our offerings to a broader audience while managing the logistical aspects of delivery. This allows us to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering the finest dishes we can," expressed John G.G, General Manager of The Big Fish.

Jonny Zanrosso, Director of Fogo Gaucho, further conveyed his gratitude, saying, "Receiving the Lunchtime Favorite award and knowing that our customers voted for us holds immense significance. Our restaurant was born out of a profound love for food, and we aspire to reciprocate that love to everyone who has ever savored our menu. Thanks to Bolt Food, we can fully dedicate ourselves to this endeavor, while they handle our presence on the platform."

Since its launch, Bolt Food has experienced remarkable growth within the industry. Currently, the platform boasts over 1600 restaurants, offering earning opportunities to over 5000 couriers in Nairobi and its surrounding areas. Recently, Bolt Food expanded its services to Mombasa City, showcasing the company's commitment to providing affordable, safe, and sustainable products and services to all its clients. There are plans in place to further expand to additional cities and towns across Kenya.