Embassava Sacco, a prominent matatu operator in Nairobi, received a fantastic addition to its fleet on Friday, May 19. The operator welcomed four brand-new electric vehicles, delivered by the innovative electric mobility startup known as BasiGo. This exciting development marks BasiGo's continued efforts to expand its operations in the capital city, as it forges partnerships with leading matatu operators.

Embassava's new electric buses are set to serve the CBD-Jacaranda Estate and CBD-Nyayo Estate routes. Commuters traveling on these routes will now have the pleasure of experiencing a modern, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly travel experience, coupled with the convenience of cashless payment options, as shared by BasiGo. The startup's dedication to revolutionizing the matatu industry in Nairobi was previously demonstrated when they delivered a 25-seater electric bus to Super Metro in February. This particular bus serves the CBD-Kikuyu and CBD-Kitengela routes.

Metrotrans Ltd, another prominent player in Nairobi's public transport sector, has also chosen to join the electric revolution. They recently announced the addition of five electric buses from BasiGo to their existing fleet. This noteworthy decision not only highlights the ambitious expansion plans of BasiGo but also emphasizes the company's commitment to providing sustainable transportation solutions.

One aspect that sets BasiGo apart is their unique approach to reducing the upfront costs associated with acquiring electric buses. They offer a subscription service called "Pay-as-You-Drive," which charges matatu operators a daily fee based on the distance covered. This innovative model allows owners to purchase the K6 Electric bus without the need to invest heavily in expensive battery technology. As a result, the upfront cost becomes comparable to that of traditional diesel buses. BasiGo's subscription service covers all aspects related to the battery, including charging, warranty, service, and maintenance. Matatu operators can conveniently make their payments directly to BasiGo, based on the actual kilometers driven.

Since their launch in Kenya in March 2022, BasiGo's electric buses have made an impressive impact. These vehicles have already traveled over 244,536 kilometers, transporting more than 291,000 passengers across various routes in Nairobi. The company's ambitious goal is to supply over 1,000 mass transit electric buses to transport operators in Kenya within the next three years, underscoring their commitment to fostering sustainable transportation and contributing to a greener future for the country