Airtel Kenya introduces an exciting new product called Airtel Premier "Chaguo Langu." This premium offering is designed for micro, small, and medium enterprises, startups, individuals, and corporations, providing them with a range of postpaid plans for calls, SMS, and data.

Airtel Premier "Chaguo Langu" stands out from other offerings in the market by offering 100% more data and 150% more minutes. It has three distinct packages to cater to different needs: "Bonga Zaidi" for those who require more calling minutes, "Browse Ukibonga" for a balanced combination of calling minutes and data, and "Browse Zaidi" for heavy data users.

One of the standout features of Airtel Premier is that subscribers can enjoy free Airtel to Airtel calls even after using up their allocated all-network minutes. Furthermore, if customers renew their Airtel Premier subscription with the same plan within ten days of expiry, they can roll over their unused minutes, data, and SMS.

Enrolling in Airtel Premier "Chaguo Langu" is a simple process. Customers can visit any Airtel shop nationwide or dial *100# to locate a nearby shop. Once enrolled, they can choose their desired plan based on their budget and communication needs by dialing *544#.

Here are the available Airtel Premier "Chaguo Langu" plans:

Bonga Zaidi: Price: KSH 999
600 minutes
600 SMS
5 GB data

Browse Ukibonga: Price: KSH 1,499
700 minutes
700 SMS
15 GB data

Browse Zaidi: Price: KSH 1,999
1,000 minutes
1,000 SMS
25 GB data

Additionally, customers have the option to purchase booster packs if they exhaust their resources before the subscription period ends. These booster packs offer additional data or all-network minutes at affordable prices.

Airtel Kenya is excited to provide exclusive Airtel Premier plans, allowing Kenyans to personalize their calling and data services. The company remains committed to delivering innovative and relevant communication solutions to its customers.

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