Mobile money services have encroached on almost all segments of our economy, in a latest move that will see Airtel Money users spend less 5 percent on purchases made from Chandarana supermarkets, it clearly shows how local organizations are eager to cash-out on this fundamental development. The Chandarana supermarkets have an online based store from which customers can make orders and pay with various payments options including Airtel Money. Besides a 5 percent reduction in the total price, customers will also have their orders delivered at home at their convenience. Unlike most parts of Africa, Kenya is far a head in mobile payments services with Mpesa enjoying a substantial customer base among phone owners in the country.

Airtel Money alongside products from other mobile operators in the country have struggled to catch-up with Safaricoms Mpesa which enjoys a substantial share with innovations and offers such as this one. Beyond Chandarana, there are many offers that are open to Airtel customers such as additional airtime for top-ups made via its Airtel Money service. This move has however not gone without criticism with some customers alleging Chandarana supermarket as one of the most expensive retails out there.

But given everything, I’d really love to try it out, I mean everything new must be met with sentiments and suspicion, so it’s always to try out by yourselves guys’ lets you miss out.