Huawei electronics has once again introduced a budget friendly device that will take your television entertainment to a whole new level. The new Huawei DC730 set top box gives your analog television set new abilities to receive and broadcast live digital signals from television stations. The world is moving towards an analog free era where all television channels will be aired on digital platform rendering current CRT analog television sets obsolete; however, set top boxes can be used to enable analog television sets receive digital signals.
 Most countries have already migrated or are planning to migrate by 2015 to the new digital terrestrial broadcasting platform Kenya setting its own deadline to 2012. The new platform will bring forth several benefits including the ability to carry more channels on a single frequency and the ability to record your favorite TV programs for later viewing. There are however several challenges hindering this transition process; in Kenya for instance, court cases have crippled the process where major Television channels have challenged Smart TV’s content crying foul.

Huawei DC730 Set Top Box Features/Specifications; 

  • Huawei DC730 has a superior stylish and slim design supporting various placement methods; wall mounting, vertical placement and horizontal placement.
  • It complies with Comcast DTA 3.0/4.0 standards.
  • It supports MPEG-2 standard definition video recording
  • Excellent Dolby AC-3 sound support with up to 5.1 audio downmix2.0
  • Capable of displaying program and diagnosis information
  • Huawei DC730 firmware can be upgraded online to stay at par with latest enhancements. Upgrade protection is also available online.
  • 65nm chip and low power consumption.
  • EAS emergency broadcase, CEA 708/608
  • Huawei DC730 set top box supports CH3/4 Analog and video out put