Latest developments in Kenya’s biggest town council indicate an ambitious plan to set up a multimedia contact centre aimed at reducing long queues experienced at the city hall. The Nairobi city council multimedia contact centre is expected to cost Kshs.60 million which will ensure adequate customer care services to Nairobi residents; it’s a good gesture to see town councils in Kenya embrace technology and customer service quality.

Nairobi city council multimedia contact centre will handle basic services such as single business, issuance of permits, issuance of birth certificates, and mode of payment for land rates including other services offered by Nairobi city council. In his speech, the Nairobi town clerk indicated that the council handles 250 queries and complains on average per month. The multimedia contact centre is estimated to handle about 600 queries per day increasing general efficiency at the Nairobi city council. The centre will operate for 12 hours and manned by 32 employees.

During the launch of its construction, the town clerk disclosed that Nairobi city council was working on establishing e-payment platform that will make payment for council services much faster and convenient. It is projected that construction process will be completed by July this year. Among other pros, Nairobi city council multimedia contact centre is expected to weed out rampant corruption at the city hall; the town clerk said that, they were shading the past where unscrupulous conmen and council employees created an illusion that council services are difficult to access unless you went through them.

Today, accessing services from major councils like Nairobi and Mombasa is next to impossible unless you lean to corrupt employees within the council; indicators include demolitions of structures without notice, land grabbing meant for social institutions such as hospitals, schools, playing grounds and churches. Nairobi residents will be watching closely to see the unfolding after establishment of Nairobi city council multimedia contact centre.