A leading television manufacturer Toshiba has introduced one of its captivating television brands 32inch Toshiba 32AV700E REGZA full HD LCD TV to the Kenyan consumer market. The Kenyan consumer market has experienced drastic growth in demand for High Definition television sets with ability to receive both analog and digital signals; Kenya is at the moment bracing for increased entrance of digital pay TV service providers who broadcast television channels in high definition mode. Gone are the days when you had to adjust your TV antenna to different angles in order to receive a fairly distorted signal.

High definition television sets are known for their picture clarity with many control features to tune the image reception to your desired mode. Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA is equipped with several features which will take your television entertainment to a whole new level. There are two different technologies used to manufacture flat screen high definition televisions; plasma and lcd. Plasma uses concept of gas electrons while lcd basically refers to liquid crystal display that include liquid crystals that filter the amount of light thus creating an image.

Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA Full High Definition TV Specifications/Features;

  • 32” display screen with 1366x768 pixels resolution and supports up to 176º viewing angle.
  • The Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA has a 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which significantly improves picture clarity according to your preference.
  • It supports PAL, NTSC, SECAM and 3.58/4.43
  • Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA supports DK, SECAM, BG, PAL, NTSC and BG4.43
  • Video signal 480i/480p (60Hz), 720p (50/60Hz), 576i/576p (50Hz), 1080p (24/50/60Hz) through HDMI
  • The Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA has an in built visual management system with the following features; video engine, 3D color management, power Meta brain, comb filter, intelligent backlit control and auto view.
  • It has pc input, monitor output, usb, headphone, HDMI, antenna input, multilingual osd
Toshiba 32AV700E 32 inch REGZA offer; 
  • Price in Kenya: Kshs.35,990
  • Free wall bracket
  • Available in HD ready only