The new LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone has come as an upgrade to its predecessors to offer a more durable design with additional intriguing features. The LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone is surely going to be the most popular phone among its bar design counterparts. Although most people nowadays prefer slide phones, there are those who still consider flap phones to be fashionable. Among all these designs, bar design phones still are the most durable considering fiber problems experienced by flap and slide phones.

 The new LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone is designed to avoid accidental damages that may be caused by dropping down or scratches associated with daily normal usage. The metallic casing gives the phone a good feel as well as protecting the inner parts incase the phone drops down. In addition, the LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone is retailing at very affordable price in Kenyan electronic retail stores.

LG S310 metallic phone features/specifications; 

·        3.2 mega pixel camera. Enjoy clear snap shots using the LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone built in 3.2 mega pixel camera. You can also record video clips using the camera. The camera supports ‘zoom’ feature to take a more clear snap shot.

·        MP4 player. Play recorded or other video clips on the LG S310 metallic phone using the MP4 player and tune the sound using a built in equalizer feature to your preference. 

·        Display. Enjoy an amazing view on the LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone using the 256k TFT display screen.

·        Support MicroSD card. Expand the available user memory with an external MicroSD card of up to 8GB.

·        FM radio. Listen to local FM radio stations and record your favorite music directly from the FM radio. Supports wireless reception of FM radio stations.

·        Other features on LG S310 metallic phone;
                                             i.            Anti theft mobile tracker
                                           ii.            14MB flash memory
                                          iii.            Metallic casing
                                         iv.            18hours talk time, 500hours standby.
                                           v.            Supports slide show picture viewing.

·        Price of LG S310 Rosemary metallic phone in Kenya: Kshs.8,599