Mobile phones have become cheap nowadays to an extend that features which were previously seen as sophisticated are now incorporated in low end handsets; such features include the ability to support two different sim cards at the same time. LG has yet again surprised many by unveiling LG A-165 Agonis cheapest dual phone in Kenya which is already available at the retail market at an amazing low price.

No one can dispute advantages that come with a dual sim phone such as LG A-165 Agonis; you can have two sim cards from different network providers active at the same time. In fact, dual sim phones ensures that we get the best deal out of our providers i.e. most provider’s charges on data and voice calls are different, therefore, dual sim phones will enable us to use whoever that is cheaper.

LG A-165 Agonis Dual Phone features/specifications; 

·        1.3 mega pixel camera. Capture those memorable moments on LG A-165 Agonis dual sim phone with a 1.3mega pixel camera. The camera also supports Video recording and x4 zoom. 
·        MP4 video player. Play MP4 music and other video clips on the LG A-165 Agonis dual sim phone with MP4 player.

·        USB Port. Connect to your computer and transfer files using the USB port connector.

·        McroSD. LG A-165 Agonis dual sim phone supports expandable SD memory up to 2GB.

·        FM Radio. Listen and record music played on local FM radio stations using the LG A-165 Agonis dual sim phone. The FM stations can be accessed an listned to wirelessly. 

·        Other features include;
                                 i.            3.9 flash memory
                               ii.            Up to 14hours talk time
                              iii.            500hours standby
                             iv.            Anti theft mobile tracker

·        Price of LG A-165 Agonis dual sim phone in Kenya: Kshs.5,199