Bharti Aitel Kenya has an airtime sharing service called Me2U which enables Airtel subscribers to share their airtime balance with other subscribers within Airtel’s network. Me2U airtime sharing service is similar to Safaricom’s Sambaza service; however, the procedure to transfer Airtime to another subscriber’s phone is different. There are different occasions when Me2U Airtel airtime sharing service is essential such as being in remote areas with no shops to purchase airtime vouchers.

 Me2U Airtel airtime sharing service is popularly known for helping mobile phone owners on Airtel network who would like to share their airtime balance with friends and family members directly from their mobile phones.

Advantages of Me2U Airtel Airtime sharing service
        i.            Me2U service is available to Airtel subscribers 24/7 around the clock. This service is available any time.
       ii.            Ability to send any amount as long as it is more than Kshs.20 and less than Kshs.9,999.
      iii.            You can top up airtime for anyone especially when they are not access or do not want to use top up vouchers.

How to share/transfer airtime using Airtel Me2U service
1.      First Technique
·        From your phone menu, go to SMS
·        On the SMS menu, select Me2U option
·        Choose sent airtime
·        Enter the amount you want to send
·        Enter password and select OK

2.      Second Technique
·        On your phone menu, go to messages and select to write new text message
·        Type 2U [space] [space] [space] i.e. to send Kshs.50 to 0733333333, type 2U 0733333333 50  1234
·        Send the text message to 5050
·        Note
                                i.            Default password is 124
                              ii.            Me2U Airtel airtime sharing service is free.