The design and features of todays mobile phones have become sophisticated to the extend of resembling a laptop computer. Motorola has been a king in mobile telephony for a while and their recent developments have left consumers with mixed sentiments and reactions. Some of the previous intriguing brands from Motorola include Razr and V3 models.

Features incorporated in Motorola Atrix 4G have left consumers guessing as to whether the new product is a Phone or a Laptop. It has a finger print scanner located at the power button essentially to offer biometric protection to your data. Common mobile phones use a security code or pin to offer protection to user contents and only latest laptop computers have had such a biometric protection ability.

The phone has a Motorblur, it is a feature that is used to funnel your social media to the screen and back it up to the cloud while reserving you the opportunity to wipe your phones memory remotely in case it is stolen.

With a simple plug into an 11inch screen and keyboard device it automatically turns your phone into a mini laptop computer about 14mm thick same as an Iphone with a bumper. However, the keyboard has a separate power source so as not to drain the phones power.

The Motorola Atrix 4G has USB ports used to connect other external devices such as drives and other accessories. Apart from the 16GB internal memory, a MicroSD card with up to 32GB capacity can be added to complement the phones storage ability. It has 1GB of RAM comparatively twice to most high end phones.

Enjoy video calls on a front VGA camera and capture images and videos on a 5 mega pixel rear camera. The screen size supports up to 960x540 pixels resolution. It supports 4G network for fast internet browsing and downloading speed.

To boost its efficiency, the Motorola Atrix 4G has two processors and runs on Android operating system. Let us wait and see whether Safaricom, Orange, Airtel and Yu will consider bringing the product to Kenya for their subscribers.