Kenya commercial bank has unveiled a mobile banking service that will allow account holders make cash transactions using their mobile phones. KCB connect mobile banking service is enhanced by Mpesa from Safaricom where customers can withdraw cash from their bank accounts using a mobile phone. To access KCB connect mobile banking service menu, just dial *522# o your mobile phone.

The following services are available by using kcb connect;
·        Transfer/send money to your Mpesa account
·        Checking your bank account balance
·        Buying airtime with funds in your bank account
·        Withdrawing cash from your account
·        Mini statement for your account
·        Transfer of funds
·        Service requests i.e. cheque book, forex rates, full statement request and stop cheque.

How to deposit cash in your kcb bank account using kcb connect from Mpesa.
1.      From your Mpesa menu, select pay bill
2.      Enter the Kenya commercial bank’s business number 522522
3.      Enter your KCB account number
4.      Enter the total amount you want to deposit
5.      Press send to transfer the amount
6.      You will receive a confirmation text message from Mpesa

How to withdraw cash from your kcb bank account using kcb connect from Mpesa.
1.      Dial *522# on your mobile phone
2.      Answer with send money to Mpesa account option
3.      Enter the total amount you want to transfer
4.      Enter your kcb connect pin
5.      Wait for a reply message
New services on kcb connect mobile banking service include;
·        Money transfer from kcb to kcb account using a mobile phone
·        Money transfer between kcb account to accounts from other banks
·        Mobile number to Mobile number money transfer regardless of the network operator
·        Nairobi Water & KPLC bill payments
·        KCB Credit Card bill payment