The four major mobile service providers in Kenya have different prepaid broadband data rates at different speeds. For subscribers to choose the best data provider, they need to compare the providers data plans considering internet speed an efficiency. Currently, only Safaricom is on 3G network with other providers expected to follow suit within the year.

Comparison of broadband internet charges is easy just by looking at their rates; however, determining the service provider which best suit your needs is another aspect that can not be clearly determined. To determine the broadband internet service provider that suits your needs, will require consideration of various aspects both on the providers side and your needs. Therefore, comparison of internet service provider who would meet your personal demand is best attributed to your personal needs, expectations and how much you are willing to spent.

Comparison of Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu prepaid broadband internet charges in Kenya.
Airtel Prepaid internet data bundle prices
                    i.            10 mb @ kshs 25
                  ii.            25 mb @ kshs 50
                iii.            100mb @ kshs 100
                iv.            300mb @ kshs 250
                  v.            1gb @ kshs 750
                vi.            2gb @ kshs 1,000
Orange Telkom Kenya Prepaid Data Bundle Prices
  1. 100mb @ Kshs.150
  2. 200mb @ Kshs.250
  3. 400mb @ Kshs.450
  4. 1GB @ Kshs.850
  5. 2GB @ Kshs.1,500    
  6. 4GB @ Kshs.2,200
Safaricom Prepaid internet data bundle prices
  1. 30mb @ Kshs.100
  2. 80mb @ Kshs.250
  3. 600mb @ Kshs.999
  4. 1.5GB @ Kshs.1,999
  5. 2GB @ Kshs.2,499    
  6. 4GB @ Kshs.3,999
Yu Prepaid internet data bundle prices
  1. 15days unlimited @ Kshs.799
  2. 1GB @ Kshs.399
  3. 2GB @ Kshs.599       
  4. 30days unlimited @ Kshs.999