Chinese phones have taken over the mobile phone market in most African countries due to their affordability.  It’s not clear whether these phones are legitimate considering their quality compared to the known brands and in most cases cloned to have an exact appearance as the major brands like Nokia and Motorola. China phones have numerous features incorporated and costs cheaper than other brands with the same features. However their durability is still in question including accessories like battery life and phone cases. Almost all china phones are internet enabled, they can connect to the internet if proper internet setting from your service provider are entered.

Unlike other brands like Nokia, Motorola, LG and Siemens where you only need to send a blank text message to have internet settings and activation from your mobile service provider, china phones need to be entered internet settings manually. It is very complicated if you are a newbie but there is no option, cheap is expensive. You can either decide to input internet settings personally or visit your mobile service provider customer care center. Safaricom is currently the only service provider with 3G network in Kenya, to have internet accessed on your china phone, you will need to input setting manually.

Here is the process on how to enter Safaricom internet settings for china phones.
  • First you will need to have your Sim card activated for internet settings
You can either call the customer care on 100 or send a blank text message using the Sim Card you want activated to 445. For common brands like Nokia, the internet setting replied by your blank text message can be saved and start accessing internet immediately. While for china phones, Safaricom internet settings will have to be input manually.

  • On your china phone Menu, select Services/Web
  • Then Data Accounts followed by GPRS
  • Select Account 1

 Fill the followed fields with their respective values
Account Name: Safaricom GPRS
  • APN: safaricom
  • Username: saf
  • Password: data
  • Authentication type: Normal
Then press done and Save consecutively

  • Then from your china phone’s menu, select Services/Web, go to WAP Browser then Settings
For dual Sim card phones, select SIM 1 or SIM 2 then Edit Profile SIM 1 or SIM 2
Select Profile 1 and then, Activate Profile
Select Edit Profile and enter the following values in their respective fields.
Rename Profile: Safaricom
Data Account: Safaricom GPRS
Connection Type: HTTP (or WAP, whichever works)
Proxy/Gateway IP/Address:
Proxy/Gateway Port: 8080
User Name: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank
Press Done then Save

  • Go back to Menu and select Services/Web then  WAP Browser followed by Homepage

Form multimedia and messaging service, from you phone’s Menu, select Services then Data Accounts followed by GPRS. Select a profile and press edit. Enter the following values in their respective fields;
          Account Name:        Safaricom MMS
          APN:                      safaricom
          Username:               saf
          Password:               data
          Authentication type: Normal

Press done and then press yes to save.

Go back to the phone’s Menu and select Messages then MMS
On the Message Settings select Server Profile, then Select a profile and press OK then select Edit Profile. Enter the following values in their respective fields;

          Rename Profile: Safaricom MMS
          Data Account:   Safaricom MMS
          Username:        saf
          Password:         data

Select Connection Type then Connection Oriented and input the following values;

          IP Address:
          Security:       Off
Select done then press yes to save. Select Activate Profile and then press yes to activate.

To access the internet on your phone go to your phone’s Menu and select Services/web then Wap followed by Homepage