Post bank in partnership with Mpesa has launched Patacash, a mobile phone banking service that will enable Mpesa users with accounts at Post bank access money in their bank accounts using a mobile phone. Patacash service will enable Post bank customers withdraw and deposit money into their accounts using Mpesa service. It comes at a time when Kenyans have embarked on mobile banking as the major way of carrying out cash transactions. Mobile banking has penetrated Kenyan market to extend of being used to pay for goods, utility bills and transfer money to friends and family.

Currently, most banks in Kenya have signed an agreement with Safaricom to use Mpesa service in enhancing mobile banking. These services include Patacash (Post bank), Mkesho (Equity bank) and Pesa pap (Family bank). In both arrangements, Safaricom will gain from transaction fee through Mpesa while the banks get their revenue through withdrawals. The banking technology in Africa is going mobile.
In order to use Patacash, one must have an account with Post bank and register to use Patacash (mobile banking service) by filling an application form at any Post bank branch country wide. Once you have registered, your mobile phone will be activated and receive a PIN via a text message on your phone.
How to deposit cash into your Post bank account using Mpesa;
·        From your Mpesa menu, select the PAY BILL option,
·        Enter the Post bank account number
·        Enter your full Post bank account number
·        Enter the amount you want to deposit
·        Enter your Mpesa pin
·        Transaction details will be displayed on the screen i.e Pay Bill 200999, Account KAACBST0003706 Kshs.4000.

How to withdraw cash from your Post bank account using Mpesa;
·        Dial *498# on your mobile phone and press the Call button.
·        Select 2 (two) to choose Money Transfers and press OK
·        Type 0 then select Account Number and press OK
·        Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press OK.
·        Enter your Mobile banking account PIN and press OK.
·        You will receive a confirmation message via SMS.
(You can register more than one account).