An electronics giant LG, has partnered with Kenya’s most prestigious university ‘The University of Nairobi’ to introduce a multi-million Air Conditioning Academy in East Africa. The high-tech academy is going to be one of its kinds in east Africa. LG has continued to pursue efforts to be recognized as a major player in the technology world especially in the emerging markets like Africa.

 The launch which took place in Nairobi, seeks to build an ultra modern high-tech academy that will cost about half a million US-dollars. The LG Air Conditioning Academy is expected to bring expertise knowledge in east Africa on installation and maintenance of air conditioning system. LG which has majored in air conditioning systems is steadily acquiring a reasonable market share in east Africa with the high-tech academy coming as a complementary innovation.

 Most of training institutions in Africa are in adequately equipped to give advanced training in the air conditioning field. However, the partnership between the university of Nairobi and LG will help the region by offering advanced training to professionals in this field. LG is keen on developing professionals that will aid sustain its market share as well as gain more confidence from the consumers in the region.

As technology in Africa advances, there is need to have more professionals in sectors like air conditioning; and the only option is to equip training institutions with facilities and personnel to offer credible training to students in those sectors. High-tech training institutions in Africa should be promoted like the partnership between LG and the University of Nairobi to develop skills in the high-tech sectors.

The training facility will be able to develop skills in the air conditioner, heating and plumbing industries. Unemployment rates have forced many students to seek training in the high-tech sectors which will give them needed skills to become self employed. The partnership between LG and the University of Nairobi will give such opportunity to students who want to pursue air conditioning field at the academy.

The LG Air Conditioning Academy plans to enroll air conditioning installers, engineers, developers, owners, investors and air conditioning salesmen. Trainees who want to pursue the course will apply for the courses that take from 1-3 days depending on the subject of the training. The LG Air Conditioning Academy will admit trainees from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other parts of Africa. LG which has established 60 similar academies around the globe will provide information the newest product as well as offer practical ways of learning by providing trainees with actual samples.