Airtel Kenya now offers subscribers an option to choose their preferred customized mobile phone numbers subject to availability. This new service allows subscribers to use any mobile number prefix on any sim card on Airtel’s network. However, if the requested number is unavailable, subscribers will be given alternative numbers resembling the requested phone number.

To be eligible for this service, you must not have any of the following balances on your sim;
·        Zap balance
·        Rewardz points 
·        Unpaid Kopa credo
How to use this service;
  1. From your phone, Dial *111# then select ‘choose your number’ option, 4th on the list.
  2. After selecting ‘choose your number’ option, you will receive a prompt to key in the last 6 digits of your preferred i.e. 777888
  3. You will then be provided with the following options;
·        The requested number is available;
Reply with 1 for 0739777888

Reply with 2 for 0786777888

Reply with 3 for 0788777888

·        Reply with the number next to your desired phone number i.e. reply 2 if you want 0786777888.
·        You will then be prompted to restart your phone and the number change will have been effected.