The trend in phone acquisition has changed to not only looking for communication purposes but also the features incorporated in it. Information Technology in Africa is at advanced stages comparing with a few years back. For this reason, high tech phones with amazing features have gain popularity in the mobile phone market. Having a high tech phone with amazing features is compared to technology status nowadays. Today, information technology in Africa is like the order of the day.

There are high tech phones with amazing features like mega pixel camera, 3G technology, 'USB' for data. Just a few years back, 2G technology was very popular and widely used. However, today there is 3G technologies with ability of downloading files on line at a very high speed almost 10 times tat of 2G technology. Entertainment has been enhanced from high tech phones with amazing features.

Some times back, mobile phones were gadgets only meant for communication purposes through text and calls. However high tech phones with amazing features have introduced a totally different dimension in the world of technology. Information Technology in Africa has embraced the use of 3G technology; therefore, 3G enabled handsets are more marketable in Africa than 2G technology.

These amazing features have been known to create employment opportunities for youths especially in Africa. Information Technology innovations continue to create the much needed jobs in Africa. In comparison to other developed countries, IT is one of the major sectors that has left Africa struggling to fit with other major IT countries. IT in Africa is the hope for future growth given its potential to create more jobs for graduates.

 Ideally every country continues to encourage research for IT related applications. However, African IT sector is posing signals of growth and has even attracted foreign firms and outsourcing of major services to African companies.
Innovations in the mobile phone sector continue to grow with different applications available locally. The other day, I saw a young African from Kenya display a mobile application that schedules convenient times to send a text message. Not forgetting, firms like 'Safaricom' Kenya have introduced applications like mobile money transfer services through mobile phones.
Cell phone users in Kenya can now pay utility bills using mobile phones at their convenience. I must say that this service known as 'Mpesa'. It was the first one in the world embracing the use of such IT applications in Africa. Nowadays, other firms have followed suit like 'Zain' Kenya introducing Zap. 'Mpesa' transactions are now possible between Kenya and UK. These services have created jobs in Kenya more than any other sector currently. IT in Africa is growing, and thats the spirit of Africans to invest in IT for Africa.