Technology in Africa and most of the entire world demands that you at least own a website or 'blog' to be among the on line community. Apart from the known on line social networks, owning your own website or 'blog' can bring in some little revenue if well thought. This website will need to be hosted somewhere hence the discussion of free web hosting vs paid web hosting. It is imperative to imagine that you can just start a website and be on line; websites need to be hosted on servers so as to be present on line. Information technology has enhanced the way websites can be hosted, there is a free and paid web hosting depending on your service provider.

  Information technology in Africa for example, you will find many companies offering a totally free web hosting service or a paid service. There is a significant difference in the comparison of free and paid web hosting. Afford-ability is one of the key factors in deciding to create a web site. In some of the free web hosting service providers in Africa, there is usually a limitation in the capacity of resource allocation like bandwidth.
Allocation of hosting space is usually limited in the case of free hosting. You will find that while comparing a free and paid web hosting, the size of files is a major issue on free web hosting than it is on a paid service. Media files are usually known to take up a lot of space therefore a media oriented website would be comfortably hosted on a paid service than a free web hosting service with limitations. These comparison of  free web hosting vs paid web hosting is very difficult concerning their pros and cons.
We can not ignore the services that come with a paid web hosting. Imagine a customer dedicated care 24/7, thats what you will get with a paid hosting service. Technology in Africa is not versed by everyone and so for a dedicated customer care, choose a paid web hosting.
I always advice my peers to choose paid hosting since most of the unpaid services have  hidden catch that will be revealed once you sign up a free account. While comparing free web hosting vs paid web hosting, we have to consider hosted blogs like blogger and those who only provide web hosting services.