Choosing a better domain name for your website is very critical in such away that its popularity could depend on it. There are various situations when the choice of your domain name is more important to its main theme. For instance technology domain names are totally different from affiliate related domains. There are several reasons as to why someone may need a domain. With the advancement of information technology in Africa it is logical that the on line communities are increasing day in day out.

 Domain names can be acquired for different purposes, for instance domain names could be used for affiliate marketing to earn some extra income from the Internet. Technology in Africa poses great potential for the on line community. There are various ways in which a domain could be used to generate some revenue for its maintenance and perhaps paying some utility bills. On the other part, a business with presence on line is regarded as the best strategy in marketing your products.
The big question now comes to how to choose a better domain name. There are different categories of domain names with distinct extensions. Generic domain names are very popular and they include extensions such as '.com, .net, .org'. it should however be noted that this domain names are very expensive as compared to region based. How to choose a better domain name may be determined by how much you are ready to pay. Region based domains like '' for United Kingdom and '' for Kenya are relatively cheaper than generic global domains. Information Technology in Africa has advance to the extent that most African countries are coping up with the rest of the world.
Choosing a better domain name nowadays for your business is very difficult as most of them are already taken. It seems like technology in Africa and the world at large has become the trend today. It could however be interesting to find out that your preferred domain name is already registered and furthermore on sale. At this point, it is very important to properly value the domain so that you don’t incur unnecessary costs in acquiring it.
A price tag may already be placed on the particular domain but how do you value a domain to make sure that you have chose a better domain name and that the placed price tag is reasonable? On certain occasions, there is no particular scientific method in valuing a domain name. In this occasion then how do you value a domain name? There is however some considerations that can be implemented to determine a reasonable value for that domain name you want.

The most important factor when choosing and valuing a better domain name is to determine whether it’s a "TLD or Top Level Domain. Normally, this is the extension of that domain name. Information technology is not only popular in Africa but the entire world; therefore imagine the number of already registered domains? Truthfully, today, there exists billions of websites online and finding a suitable domain name is just as difficult. Generic domain names are very expensive due to their popularity and they include; .com, .net, .org and .info. On the other hand domains associated with certain countries like for United Kingdom and for Kenya are a little cheaper. Also consider the relevance of domain name to your business for instance would cost higher for a phones website.